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President's Message


Thank you for your interest in the publications (manga) of Ohzora Publishing

We are proud to be the number one publishing house in Japan in terms of number of female manga franchises and number of publications (monthly comic magazines = 14, annual issues = 316, according to 2004 Data). In total our publications are read by 15.8 million people a year in Japan.

The manga of Ohzora Publishing follows Japanese fine style of manga, meaning that it is easily understood yet is satisfactory enough for adults to enjoy read. It is characterized by its ability to satisfy intellectual curiosity while being full of fun.

Also it is characteristic of us to see manga not only as a publishing product, but also an expressive art. Up to now, television dramas and novels of the world, as well as well-known Japanese television documentaries and mystery novels have been actively published as manga and gained popularity.

We are more than happy to collaborate with you for your publishing our manga. Won’t you consider creating manga publications based on your national or company’s fine culture and entertainment as well? How about publishing them in Japan or to the world? We will humbly help in the endeavor. We promise to be the first to open up new markets and find new readers.

In translated publications, and especially in translated manga, the translation determines the performance and product appeal of the publication. We do not merely trade translation rights, but enthusiastically confront issues such as: “How will it be translated? How can we get the readers of your country interested in our manga?” as well as issues of culture, values, and different ways of saying new things. I hope from the bottom of my heart that today’s meeting will be beneficial for both our companies.

Ohzora Publishing Co., Ltd.
Nobuo Kitawaki, President

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